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discover the Bay of Somme on foot, by bike, in eco mode

Halfway between the two bays (Authie to the north and Somme to the south), the Cabin, the Tent and the Villa are ideally located for exploring all the riches of the coast of our beautiful Hauts-de-France region.

The bike path, which passes just in front of each of the unusual accommodations, allows you to reach each of the two estuaries in 40 minutes by bike

The Baie de Somme is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is part of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World . The coast is largely classified as a nature reserve and is protected by the coastal conservatory. These wild natural spaces require the greatest human discretion.  Indeed, the influx of tourists and the disrespect of some hikers for this fragile territory are accelerating the extinction of certain animal and plant species.

So have the greatest respect for these natural places, stay on the marked trails, don't cross the dunes to avoid trampling and take your waste with you (garbage cans are available at the entrances to the trails).  

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bay of Authie

Bay of Somme


to discover the Bay of Somme on foot

Hiking is a must in the Bay of Somme. Trails are everywhere! Traveling on foot in the Marquenterre allows you to discover it with a more calm and attentive look. Wild animals are more easily observed with this silent and environmentally friendly approach.  Sometimes uncrowded, some of them offer breathtaking landscapes! The access path to the sea (also called "sentier des crocs"), is the best known. Its departure is at the end of the rue de la Cabane and de la Villa, and 10 minutes by bike from the Tent. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there are hiking trails suitable for all levels.

the Bay of Somme, cycling country

The Baie de Somme has nothing to envy to the Vendée! cycling is undeniably the means of circulation par excellence for discovering the Picardy coast. No less than 44 km of cycle paths connect the seaside resorts of Fort-Mahon (in the north) to Cayeux (in the south). In between, the crossing of the small picturesque villages of Marquenterre is done by winding country roads with little traffic. So you can borrow them safely. In all, 130 km of cycling circuit. The famous cycle route also passes through here!

By renting the Cabin or the tent, you will have the loan of two bicycles.


200 ha for birdwatching

Three routes, observation posts, discovery workshops and guided outings...

Marquenterre Park is a must in the Baie de Somme!

with or without guide

You can discover the Bay of Somme by staying on its contours. Starting from Le Crotoy, you can leave the lock and make the small loop which descends into the bay and goes up to the junction with the railway line of the little tourist train . This little walk already offers a beautiful panorama and you can smell the smells and the atmosphere of the salty meadows. 

To really "dive" into the heart of the Bay of Somme and discover it from the inside, opt for a crossing with a guide. Depending on the tides, he will give you a meeting time (usually from Le Crotoy) and you will leave for a 2h30 crossing on foot. You can also choose a thematic visit: seal watching, discovering the tides, night vision of the bay, and for sports enthusiasts, a 1h30 coached jog in the bay! Be careful, the Bay of Somme is a dangerous territory. Even after several years of experience, some locals are still trapped by the rising waters. Never venture alone and check the weather forecast before your outing.


on the beaches of Quend and Fort-Mahon

Sand yachting is almost an institution. It is from Quend or Fort-Mahon that you will leave for a 3 hour session. Initiation, improvement, group outing, the qualified instructors of sand yachting schools adapt to their practitioners. You will start with small theoretical explanations: presentation of the different types of sandbanks, the soft areas to avoid and, of course, the basic instructions for practicing in complete safety. You will then leave for a "warm-up" on a circuit marked with cones to finish, weather and wind permitting, with a straight line towards the Bay of Somme or the Bay of Authie, depending on your starting point. .

the mascots of the Bay of Somme

Discover the largest seal colony in France​ sea calves. It is indeed in the Bay of Somme that more than 600 individuals have taken up residence. Alone or accompanied by an experienced guide, you can observe them resting and sunbathing on the sandbanks at low tide.

Pointe du Hourdel is the best known spot because it is in this area that there are the greatest number of them, but other smaller colonies live in Authie Bay (20 minutes north of the bay of Somme).

Berck-su-Mer is a little known but ideal place to observe them: walk down to the pier at the very south of the esplanade, they are right there at low tide.

Take binoculars and don't get too close so as not to disturb them.

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